Hello! I’m a cosplayer from Texas that has been doing cosplay since 2009. I strive to improve each new costume and picture as the years go by. Why Singingaway? Well, most people know me online as Ongaku – which means music in Japanese – so I wanted to make a title that had to do with singing and music. This site was created so I could share with you my cosplay experience such as pictures, videos, and anything else that comes up. I run many different sites and if you would like to visit them you should just out my main blog – Ochitsuki.net.



These are some of my favorite shots.

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New cosplays!

It’s about time! I finally got two cosplays done within a few weeks of each other. One was the long awaited Yuuki Kuran cosplay in her school uniform, the other was a brand new costume of Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have plenty more in the works so keep on checking back here. I […]

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Brand new look!

Hello everyone! All 2 of you! haha j/k This site has felt kind of dead because of all my medical issues, but I assure you I’m not done with the cosplay world just yet. I decided to clean up this website a bit with a whole new look. I hope you like it. I also […]

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Not a lot going on with my cosplay lately. The reason for that is because of all my health issues. I had to go back into surgery over Christmas so I was stuck in the hospital on Christmas day. That was a complete drag. I’m finally starting to get back my strength so hopefully I […]

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