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Day: April 11, 2014

Diet, Exercise, and House Hunting – Oh My!

Yup, brand new theme. I only changed it because the other one had some problems with it. Right now I haven’t changed anything but I do plan to put my own picture in the background. Don’t be surprised if I end up changing again either. I tend to do that until I find one I really like. Sadly, I don’t have the type or energy to work on making my own.

I can see my energy slowly seeping away from my body. (haha)

Let’s see, before I say anything else I want to mention my server has been changed so if you see anything buggy (if anyone even cares) hopefully it won’t last. So far it looks like everything was migrated well but I always get nervous anyway.

I missed out on going to the Gym for awhile because I kept getting sick. I’m not sure if that is because of the gym (uuuggg germs) or just bad timing. So many things where going around and since I have asthma I really have to be careful about going to the gym if I feel like I’m getting a cold.