New cosplays!

New cosplays!

It’s about time! I finally got two cosplays done within a few weeks of each other. One was the long awaited Yuuki Kuran cosplay in her school uniform, the other was a brand new costume of Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have plenty more in the works so keep on checking back here. I will do my best to do these but it will get harder soon because my photographer will be moving about 3 hours away from me soon. Sniff. I guess it gives me more time to sew and make props. LOL

In other news, I did retire 5 costumes that I will never wear again. Kallen from Code Geass, The torn up Orihime costume from Bleach, Mikado and Kida school uniforms (they looked terrible but my Kida costume is not gone for his casual look), and both of the Chobits costumes – one of the very first we ever did and it was horrible and falling apart. LOL I guess that really makes 6 but I count the chobits ones as one for some reason. I have to say though, it was tough throwing out these memories but it needed to be done.

This gives me more space in my closet for new outfits. Yay! A new dream cosplay of mine is Nadeshiko Kinomoto from CardCaptor Sakura. That is an anime/manga that really got me into this stuff but I don’t feel like I could pull off elementary kids. Haha!

Anyway, to see the new costumes please visit –

Misato KatsuragiYuuki Kuran