Table Top Con

So, this weekend my town actually held a mini con, a small mixture of anime with the main theme being Table Top games. I was told about it the week before and thought I would at least check it out. I went to see what was going on around 1 or 2pm on Saturday and liked what I saw. They were going to hold a cosplay contest at 6pm. At first I was just going to go so I could take pictures of the people who dressed up but then I thought, what the hell – might as well join just to give me an excuse to be in cosplay again. Anyway, I was able to take a picture of everyone (but the children) who were in it. It was a lot of fun and I’m proud of my town for holding something like this.


The featured image is of the two winners and the three judges. The adult winner was a guy cosplaying Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and in the childrens was an adorable Hermione from Harry Potter. Congrats on the winners!


This guys outfit was really awesome. I think he is from a table top game but I can’t be sure of which one because I’m clueless about that stuff.


Of course we have to have an awesome guy being a Ghostbuster, wonderful job!


A Knight in Shinning Armor! Props to this guy for wearing all that! I can’t imagine all the pinching, haha.


Dr. Horrible! This guy was hilarious. Great job on the singing too!


An Elf and a random guy shot by an arrow. I loved the skit they put on, very fun. šŸ™‚


Yin and Yang, very cute! Was told it was their first time to cosplay – awesome job!


Can’t have a con without a rainbow dash! Colorful fun and very cute.


Me with the winner! I almost didn’t want to post this, I glow! OMG Blinding! haha (P.S. My Euphie wig has seen better days orz)

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