Halloween around the corner

I’m trying to get motivated to do my Halloween video this year. It’s going to be short this time since it will only have me in it. I just wanted to play around with my camera and stuff. Unfortunately, I have been struggling with lots of joint and muscle pain the last few months so getting into cosplay has been not at the top of my list lately. Doctor may have figured out why it is happening so once the treatment starts to work I should be back in action. šŸ™‚

The picture above is an image of my Yuuki weapon – the Artemis. I need to grease it up though because it is really hard to attach it together and pull it apart. That is a serious issue because it is too big to fit in the car with it assembled – but we don’t want to spend a long time putting it together and taking it apart when we travel. Bah!

The weather is finally getting better so hopefully I can do some Yuuki cosplay in her black uniform with the Artemis.

Anyway, short post just to update everyone on what is going on with me. In the meantime I’m posting up old pictures of cosplay on DA and WorldCosplay.

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