Misato Photo Shoot

First of all, this website has some BIG changes. When I went to do some updates the last layout gave me hell so I figured I would revamp it with a simpler design. So far I like this look but you will not believe the stress I went under to tweak it to my preferences. Damn! lol

I’m going to redo the way I did the video pages as well, the reason for this is because the plugin that I originally had messed up my other plugin. Gotta love when their are conflicts!

Now, for the reason I made this post. I got a small Misato photo shoot done. This time it was a studio photo shoot with some new friends – Sally and Isaac! It was a fun new experience and I hope to do more with them in the future. Sally did an excellent job with taking the pictures.  Misato Katsuragi Gallery

Last, but not least – I did another short video dressed up like Kida Masaomi. YouTube Channel

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