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Find Me

Here are the other places I post my cosplay stuff.

DeviantArt – This is my was my most active cosplay place but more and more creeps showed up so WorldCosplay is my place.
WorldCosplay – A simple cosplay page that was once a part of KWC but is now just my stuff, I didn’t feel like starting over so it has the old name.
Flickr – I honestly don’t post here very often, ha. I should probably work on that.
Twitter – Randomness, come on you know what twitter is!
Instagram – Post a lot of in-progress and full length mirror shots of my cosplay.
Youtube – Small cosplay videos and other random things.
Facebook – Random Cosplay shoots and sometimes the funny derpy ones.

I’m on Cosplay Amino (a cosplay app for phones). You can find me as username Singingaway. 🙂

If you want to find me for things that have nothing to do with Cosplay (well – sort of…) then you need to visit my Blog and Site Portal – OCHITSUKI.NET.