Izaya Orihara

izaya-sm01Series: Durarara
Character: Izaya Orihara
Cost: 150-200$
Bought: Yes
Year: 2012

Gah! My first crossplay! I was scared of how I would look as a male character. Izaya is my second favorite character from Durarara but I love how he is all in black. Makes for pulling off a boy a tad bit easier. Black is slimming, haha. Back when I was in a group this was one of my favorite photo shoots. I hope to do more pictures of him in the future. P.S. Binding sucks!

Izaya Photo Shoot 2012

Wore this outfit for two conventions before I ever had the time to do these pictures. The other person in the pictures is my friend cosplaying Mikado. I had a Masaomi but for personal reasons I had to take them down. Sorry!

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