Rangiku Matsumoto

rangiku-sm01Series: Bleach
Character: Rangiku Matsumoto
Cost: 150-200$
Bought: Yes
Year: 2011

I loved cosplaying as Orihime but the outfit itself was making me melt. I needed another Bleach costume that wouldn’t be as bad but that I could wear to conventions and not die. Rangiku was the one! I have to admit, showing that much boob took some getting use to but cosplaying her is a lot of fun and people seem to think I suit her, which is good.

Rangiku Photo Shoot 2011

A quick photo shoot I did with Rangiku awhile ago. I plan to do way more in the future.

Rangiku Photo Shoot By Cat-Chu

Another photo shoot done by my friend Cat-Chu, she is very talented. 🙂

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