Hello! I’m a cosplayer from Texas that has been doing cosplay since 2009. I strive to improve each new costume and picture as the years go by. Why Singingaway? Well, most people know me online as Ongaku – which means music in Japanese – so I wanted to make a title that had to do with singing and music. This site was created so I could share with you my cosplay experience such as pictures, videos, and anything else that comes up. I run many different sites and if you would like to visit them you should just out my main blog – Ochitsuki.net.

All pictures are taken using a Nikon D40, D7000, Canon Rebel T5i, and retouched using photoshop and lightroom.

My cosplay’s are usually bought and then altered by me to fit better. I will make simple things but I’m still a newbie at sewing and I don’t have as much time to practice. I also like to make as many of my props as I can. I believe there is nothing wrong with buying an outfit because cosplay is all about having fun!

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Alias: Ongaku
Real Name: Ashley
Location: Texas, USA
Occupation: Freelancer, Web Designer, Computer Support Tech, EMR Analyst
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Ethnicity: 65.2% European, 29.7% East Asian & Native American (according to 23andme)
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Likes: Music, Web Design, Anime, Manga, Manhwa, People who aren’t afraid to be different
Dislikes: Close Minded People, Drinking, Smoking, 24/7 on-call
Favorite Anime: Baccano, Gundam Seed
Favorite Manga: Vampire Knight
Favorite TV: Firefly, Stranger Things, The 100
A Fun Fact: My first anime ever was some old anime called ‘A Journey Through Fairyland’ which has a resemblance to Fantasia only not nearly as good.
Short Bio: I was always into cosplay and would be amazed by all the costumes I would see people in. When I finally got a full time job I decided it was time to dive into this hobby. My very first cosplay was a purchased outfit of Kallen from Code Geass. It didn’t take long before I got addicted and bought more. Now I’m slowly learning to sew my own outfits, as well as learn many other techniques to better our cosplay. Before I got into cosplay my biggest hobby was making websites, now that that is my career I really needed a new hobby and this works perfectly. I get inspired by the most random things but music is my biggest muse. There is hardly a time when you will see me without my iPod or playing music. This hobby has also gotten me addicted to photography and I have learned a lot and keep learning.