Sheryl Nome

sheryl-sm02Series: Macross Frontier
Character: Sheryl Nome
Cost: 150-200$
Bought: Yes
Year: OLD I don’t remember?!

The second Sheryl Nome costume that I got. It has gone through a lot of altering and changes. The outfit was good but then my bust grew so we ended up getting rid of the zipper in the back and making it more like a corset – not exactly accurate but it works. I have gone through a number of wigs, never liking any of them as much as my first one. I guess that is how it goes. For some reason my Sheryl wigs get ruined really fast. 0_0

Random Images for Sheryl Nome Cosplay

I never had a photo shoot done in this costume but I did get random images of me in it.

Sheryl Nome Photo Shoot By Cat-Chu

Pictures taken by my good online friend (and now con friend) Cat-Chu. This was at San Japan.

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