virgillia-sm01Series: Umineko no naku koro ni
Character: Virgilia
Cost: 200-300$
Bought: Yes
Year: 2010

This dress is awesome but it is hell to wear. The arms make it hard for me to move since they have straps that keep it tight so they won’t fall off. If I wanted to raise my hands, well too bad. haha. The dress quality is actually really good and I love wearing it. I also really like wearing the wig. I’m surprised by the durability of this outfit since it has gone through so much. It’s almost time for a new wig.

Virgilia Photo Shoot 2010

Tried to do these pictures in the heat of Texas. That was a bad idea, still got some good shots. Some of these come from a convention space.

Virgilia Photo Shoot By Amanda Peterson

Images taken by Amanda Peterson at the convention San Japan.

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