Yuuki Kuran

yuuki-sm01Series: Vampire Knight
Character: Yuuki Kuran
Cost: 50-100$
Bought: No
Year: 2012

Now that we have finally been able to do this shoot there are so many things I would like to change. First of all, the wig. I really ended up hating it because of the quality and how dark it actually looked in the photos. However, the dress was a lot of fun to wear and it was an outfit we actually made. It took a long time to get it done but after a year of putting it off my mother decided it was time to finally sew on the straps even if that meant doing it all by hand! I hope to be able to wear more of our own creations in the future but first we have to get a new sewing machine!

Yuuki Photo Shoot 2013

Yay for new and improved Yuuki photo shoot! Got a new wig that we could style better and used different makeup. Didn’t do a lot of different pictures but we are still planning on some more in the near future.

Yuuki Photo Shoot 2012

The first shoot done with this dress. I did not like the way the wig held up so I had to get a new one for the next shoot.

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