Here are all of the different characters and outfits I have cosplayed over the years. Just click on the icon to see about the cosplay and view the photo shoots. If you can’t click on it, that means I have the costume ready but haven’t done any photo shoots. Just keep checking back to see if they have been added. Thanks!

euphemia-sm01 izaya-sm01 orihime-sm01 rangiku-sm01 sheryl-sm01

sheryl-sm02 virgillia-sm01 yuuki-sm01 CC - CS Yuuki - CS

Alexandra - CS Misato - Coming Soon Setsu - CS Nana - CS Nel Tu - CS

beat-sm01 km-sm01

Future Plans

Soul Eater ā€“ Blair ā€“ 0% Progress
Not one of my favorite shows but Blair is so cute and so much fun. She would also be perfect for around Halloween time.

Maria Momoe – Big Windup – 0% Progress
I love this series but I didn’t think I could pull off young freshman boys (haha). However, Momoe is just as awesome. XD

Miyazono Kaori – Your Lie in April – 0% Progress
Well, I already have the violin, though it needs some work on it, and I’m chronically ill so I can play the sick part well – haha jk. This show is just so sad but I think cosplaying her would be fun.

Rin Tohsaka – Fate/Stay Night – 0% Progress
My favorite character from the Fate/Stay Night series. Don’t know if I will ever actually do this cosplay but I love the black and red colors on her characters.

Nuriko – Fushigi Yuugi – 0% Progress
A cross dressing male, who is prettier than most of the girls in the show. Yup, that is Nuriko. My absolute favorite character from Fushigi Yuugi.

Akane Aikawa – Mahou Tsukai Tai – 10% Progress
This is one of my dream cosplay ideas. I would really love to do this 90s anime, it brings back good memories for me. The outfit and character style is fun.

Yukari Hayasaka – Paradise Kiss – 0% Progress
How could I not do this cosplay? I love the Parakiss series and I thought about cosplaying Miwako but Yukari won.

Chane Laforet – Baccano! – 0% Progress
So many great characters in Baccano! It is hard to choose, but I though cosplaying her would be fun, I would just need to find someone to play Claire. haha