Euphemia li Britannia

euphemia-sm01Series: Code Geass
Character: Euphemia li Britannia
Cost: 200-300$
Bought: Yes
Year: 2012

I went through two different dresses for this one. I plan to make a ‘bloody’ Euphemia version in the near future. This costume was fun to do though it took me forever to get any photos done in it. Euphemia was one of my favorite characters in Code Geass and I can say I was one shocked fan with what happened to her in the show. I just had to cosplay her. Plus, you just have to love all that pink.

Euphemia Photo Shoot 2014

Took over a year to finally get this photo shoot done but we finally did something! I would like to do many more things for this costume but this is what we had time for. Hope you like.