A Little Update

Not a lot going on, well I guess that isn’t really true but nothing really exciting has been going on. XD

My job title and position is changing though and – hopefully – for the better. I’m going from Help Desk to EMR Analyst. It is a lot to learn real fast but I have been enjoying it. I’m looking forward to when I completely move over to that position, right now I’m doing both and it is keeping me extremely busy and too tired to do any updating online. Thus, it has been quiet on ochitsuki. To give you more of an idea of what I have been doing to what I will be doing here is a short summary –

Help Desk – Take phone calls, troubleshoot issues, reset passwords, printers, set up desktops and laptops and pretty much anything that doesn’t involve servers or coding. Well, except I did do some of that thanks to my web background – I had working on intranet sites to do that other help desk people did not. You get the idea of this job though. It was tiring with phone support and going out and doing heavy lifting which I cannot do anymore.

EMR Analyst – This will still be phone support but not the front lines anymore. I will be working on setting up new users that get hired and terminating all within our EMR system (icchart). I will be training them how to use them as well. So classes – OMG I’m going to be a teacher (haha). There will probably be many other things to do that I’m not even aware of but right now since I’m still in training but pretty much it is support for our icchart EMR system and will also be taking training classes on Dragon – a dictating program for the doctors – so that I can be backup for that as well. What I’m glad about is I will no longer need to worry about heavy lifting and I can start to wear nicer clothes again. XD

In other news, my friend and I are planning a new Cosplay Christmas video and I look forward to doing it. I hope it goes well. I wanted to get an opinion from you guys though, we can’t completely make up or minds on the characters to cosplay for this video. To give you an idea it will be a comedy video of two girls fighting over one guy. I can’t say much more than that because I don’t want to spoil it. The choices are….


Kallen and C.C. over Lelouch (Code Geass)


Sheryl and Ranka over Alto (Macross Frontier)

Let me know what you think, the Code Geass characters are cool because they are more well know and they have Christmas color hair! Haha However Macross Frontier characters make more sense because they are actually in a love triangle in the show. I would appreciate your help! Thanks.

I started to decorate my home with Christmas decorations for this planned video. The sacrifice I make to create a cool video. Here is a sample of what it looks like.

One last thing before I go, my doctor is starting to test me for my joint and muscle issues. The first test is going to be for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I certainly hope it is not that but at the same time I wish to get diagnosed and treated because some days are just getting really unbearable. I even started to get swelling feet and ankles and my knuckles and finger joints get really red. DX Wish me luck!