A Post about Nothing!

So, I don’t really have a specific thing to talk about right now but I figured it was about time I make a new blog post.

First off, I want to mention – what is the deal with all these squeals coming out many years after the original?! Not that I really mind it is just kind of weird. First I hear about Card Captor Sakura and now Peach Girl?! I don’t know about the Peach Girl one. That one ended so well I would be so frustrated with the story if the authorΒ makes more Kairi/Momo/Toji back and forth romances… it was bad enough the first time! Plus it would be weird, they would be 27 in the squeal, why would Momo all of sudden stop being with Kairi? Sigh. I will probably read it and pay for it anyway. I just hope she isn’t making it to make Toji fans happy. Bleh.

I’m done with my manga rant. LOL

I have to be more careful when eating foods now. I’m now the proud (coughyearightcough) owner of an epipen. ORZ

Apparently, when I ordered a sandwich with Wheat Berry Bread (I know what you are thinking – why?!) I had a SEVERE allergic reaction. The whole works, shortness of breath, chest pain, headache, nausea, hives… yeah it was fucking scary. Luckily it wore off on me instead of sending me to the ER but my doctor was not happy about me not going to ER. LOL What can I say – I’m too poor to afford another ER visit! RAWR

I suppose he is going to be testing me sometime – though not sure when. He had me go get the ingredients of that bread. Well, he was going to call but I know the workers well in the cafeteria and they were nice enough to cut out the ingredients on the bread they buy and give it to me.

Let’s hope I never need to use that Epipen – ouch! lol

My Birthday was exactly 10 days ago. Woot! Actually…. NNUUHHHH I can’t believe I’m already 30!!!! lol It sucks when you get a number change completely. Goodbye my 20s… well I guess my 20s sucked pretty bad so FAREWELL crappy 20s let my 30s be awesome sauce! lol

Before I leave, another cosplay picture just cause I hate to post a blog without some kind of picture. BTW, my boops look huge in this – I think the shadow somehow made it that way or something. It’s funny because I’m pretty sure this picture was taken before I got even bigger. I’m curious on how my Rangiku cosplay will look now. PFT