Afterglow Cosmetics Review

All my biopsies came back negative! I’m free of Celiac, Cancer, and any infection. Honestly I was not worried about any of those, especially Cancer and Celiac. I would have been shocked if Celiac had been positive after my blood work showed negative. The one I was curious about was the infection – H.Pylori. I figured it should be negative because – in the hospital – they gave me a super strong antibiotic because my blood work showed signs of an infection. So if that was still positive that would have been bad. Wish I could have known though. What concerns me is when I was 14 I had an EGD done before and had inflammation in my stomach then too. So what is causing it? Good thing it doesn’t seem to be getting worse though, I think. Doctor is putting me on a prescription dose of zantac to go with my protonix to help with that.

Anyway, even though I was negative for celiac when march comes around I plan to go Gluten free for several months and see if it makes me feel better. After all, being gluten free is part of the FODMAP diet and I really need to follow that a bit more again.

Why wait until March? Well, because I want to finish up my last subscription boxes and get them canceled. I don’t like to waste food. 🙂 Even if it kills me! haha jk

Now, on to the point of this post-

AfterGlow Cosmetics

I got my order of AfterGlow Cosmetics in. It was packaged well so that it wouldn’t get ruined but the presentation was kind of lame. No points for presentation but lots for safe packaging and I suppose that is what counts. What surprised me the most was how tiny some of the products were considering what I paid for them. I tried not to let that deter me though. I spent well over 150 dollars on this makeup. I’m not sure what made me do it but I had been eyeballing this makeup website for well over 6 months before I finally caved.

What I got –

Organic Infused Blush (Tickle) 26$ – I LOVE this blush. The color is perfect and it goes on so well. It gives me a nice glow that lasts all day and doesn’t make my skin feel all gross. I’ve always been looking for a more orange-ish blush.

Organic Infused Calm Cover 29$ – Now this product was tiny! That kind of bummed me out because I have such sensitive and red skin. Luckily it doesn’t take much to cover the red. I do like how it covers so well and yet I feel like I have nothing on. However, I’m not sure if I will want to keep paying so much for such a small item.

Perfecting Under Eye Concealer (Meringue) 29$ – Very nice under eye concealer. It doesn’t cause creases under my eyes and it goes on smoothly. I don’t really suffer from dark under eyes so I can’t say for sure how well this work but I do use it on the top of my nose for some coverage and highlight and I like the way it wears there.

Organic Infused Foundation (Bisque) 36$ – To tell you the truth, I was most nervous about this product mostly because the color I really wanted was out of stock so I tried to pick the next best one. I got lucky though and this color really seems to suit me. It covers really well too and I love not having the feeling of lots of makeup on. Also, it seems to last all day even after I have gotten a bit sweaty from doing something at my job. That is a big deal to me because almost all of my other makeup gets cakey after I sweat a small bit. That is the most impressive part. This is my first time trying a powder foundation though so I wonder if I would like the kind you can get at any makeup store just as well. I will have to try it sometime to compare.

Organic Infused Pure Soul Mascara (Onyx) 24$ – I bought this mascara because that is one makeup product I have never had luck with. It always seems to make my eyes itch or it falls into my eye and makes me feel like I have a rock in it. So far this mascara is good but I really haven’t worn it enough to decide on my feeling for it. It does go on nicely though. I will talk more on this another time.

Organic Infused Lip Soothers (Zen) 9$- Love it! It makes my lips feel so much better! One thing I have issue with is the dryness of my lips. I’m putting on lip balm all day long and my lips still hate me! This stuff feels so nice and lasts a good long time. In fact, I want to get another one to carry around in my purse.

Organic Infused Lip Love Lipstick (Afterglow) 24$ – The lipstick is okay. It doesn’t dry out my lips which is a plus but maybe I would have been happier with a different color. I feel like this light color doesn’t make much difference in my natural lip color. For some people that might be a good thing but I would like to be able to see my lip color change if I’m actually putting the effort into wearing lipstick. I probably won’t buy their lipsticks again because I can get lots of different drug store ones that are cheaper and pigmented better and that Lip Soother can help for the dryness.

Here is a short YouTube video review on the product –