Alexandra Garcia Cosplay

I finally got around to doing more Alexandra Garcia cosplay pictures! Now, I know this outfit is really simple and not many know of this character but I really enjoy cosplaying her. She is one of the few American characters in Anime that happens to be hispanic – Hence the name Alexandra Garcia. ❀ She is from the Anime Kuroko no Basket or Kuroko’s Basketball. She likes to teach kids in the street how to play basketball and was actually the coach to Himuro and Kagami when they were younger. It might be cool to do some photos of her in her old WNBA uniform in the future.

I got together with a brand new photographer for me this time. He did an excellent job as well! I’m very happy with the way they turned out. It was a challenge because the temperature started out as 108 degrees and the wind kept picking up and playing me all over the place. still, we got a good amount of pictures, had fun, and drank plenty of water. haha

My photographer is another co-worker of mine named Gabe Menchaca – He has a Flickr that he posts too. I already posted the pictures on my cosplay page, but here are some for now with my comments.

If you notice in the pictures my face is a bit red. It was so hot! haha

This one turned out neat because of the wind blowing my jacket back.

I love how skinny I look in this picture! haha

I was actually nervous up there, it might not look like it but I had to climb to get up there.

There were many more pictures of this photoshoot so if you want to see them just head to the cosplay section of my website. That reminds me, I finally got the cosplay section complete. I just have to clean up any typos and add other galleries that were more recent. Also, last but not least, my new costume is coming at the end of July. The Nino/Alice costume I talked about in a previous post. I’m excited about that one because it will be fun to take pictures in a frilly dress with a guitar. I might wait for the weather to get a bit cooler for outside shots though. Ha!

Outside of cosplay things have been going well. My flare died down a bit (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to cosplay) so it is nice to get some relief. I’m working on my diet again, so hopefully that goes well. I’m just doing the typical calorie counting and trying to get exercise in when I can. It will be a slow process but I’m hoping to lose about a pound a week until I have lost 20lbs. Wish me luck!