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Almost Turkey Day Already?

It feels crazy how the months are going by. Since I’ve had a pretty stressful time due to injury, loss of a beloved pet, illness, and so on so forth – I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off. It is just going to be a stay-cation. I would go visit my sister and her husband but they are still not doing too well with the loss of Saya and plus the new rescue dog they got has heart worms. I don’t want to excite her right now, when dogs get treated for that they can’t elevate their heart rate because it can cause too many of the worms to die and block the blood flow to the heart. It is going to be a long few months of treating her but luckily treatments have a high success rate.

Good news, I forgot to mention in my last entry due to all the bad stuff, was my MRI didn’t show anything horrible. Mostly just a lot of stenosis, which would explain a lot of my arm pain coming and going.

Our Halloween Walk-Thru turned out great! It was a lot of fun and it was kind of funny how more than half the decor were mine. What can I say? I really like Halloween and every year I buy something new. Here are some pictures you might have seen on my instagram or facebook.

The gravestone there was created by a fellow co-worker. I thought it was amazing! He has some talent in making props. I wonder if I should hire him for my cosplay props, haha. The other image is two of my co-workers that actually stayed in the haunted walk-thru to scare people. They did an awesome job!

As for my Halloween decorations this year, I think it turned out rather well. I had a lot of compliments and lots of fun from the kids that came by.

Also, awhile ago we had Ace-Week. Since I consider myself ace my friend was super sweet and bought me this Ace pin. I will wear it with pride.

In otaku news… no new cosplay because my ankle isn’t ready but I did go to comic-con in my town and bought myself a new anime figure. I really needed a CCS one. Sakura is so lovely! When I can stand to do photos again, I will need to take some nice pictures of it. For now, you got an image from my cellphone, haha.

So, this blog entry kind of turned into a lot of pictures and not so much text. I just felt the need to update. I also changed my wordpress theme, again, to something super simple. The other one kept giving weird issues and I got tired of trying to fix them.

I hope, who ever celebrates, has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hopefully I will post again before Christmas, haha.


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  1. I am sorry to hear that you have been going through a lot at the moment. Having the time to yourself can be very healing, and you need to rest. It sounds like a sensible decision not to visit your sister, it would be awful for the dog to get too excited and have problems.

    The Halloween decorations are fantastic! I love to see the unique things people make and looking at Halloween designs. Maybe it’s my love of horror films haha.

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you ♥ Yes, I look forward to this week off to just rest and do whatever I feel like.

      Haha, right! I love Halloween and creepy stuff. I’m the same, I love horror movies. ♥

  2. I really hope your staycation helps! Sometimes you just need to put everything aside for a few days and take care of yourself. Rest and relaxation are always good. I am sorry to hear about your sister’s new rescue dog having heartworms but glad to hear that it is being treated.

    I love your Halloween decorations. I am a huge Halloween fan but did absolutely nothing this year as we were just to busy and since we never get any trick or treaters at all and it was pouring rain this year. It made me sad but there is always next year. Both the hubby and I worked this year anyways.
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  3. I know how it feels when everything seems to be going wrong. Hopefully it lets up soon!

    Poor doggy. We’ve never had one with that. We’ve had ones with regular worms. Hopefully the doggy feels better soon!

    I love the Sakura figure! So cute!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been through 🙁 I really hope your staycation helped though! Sometimes we really need to take time for ourselves, especially when we’ve been busy or been through a lot.

    The Sakura figure is so adorable! I was a huge fan of Cardcaptor Sakura as a kid, and that looks like something I would have loved to display in my bedroom or something 🙂

    Loving the new theme btw!

  5. Your Halloween decorations looked great.

    You’re definitely right. Time does pass by quickly. I guess it’s just a matter of getting older. There’s no doubt that 2020 will fly by just as fast.

    Happy New Year!

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