April? Already?!

Time sure is flying by! Pretty soon things are going to get even more hectic at work too. However, before all that I got a month of one-week of 24/7 on call, upgrades, building reports, and doctors appointments – ug. The only thing that is keeping me from going nuts is that I’m taking the whole last week of April off. Yay! Vacation and I REALLY need it. I don’t have any big plans, just a reprieve. I will go visit my sister and her husband in Fort Worth, TX over the first weekend. I look forward to going but not so much about that drive. It is 3 hours and my car doesn’t have cruise control so I’m pretty sure my knee and hip will be treating me like I’m 90 when it is over, haha.

My issues with my bladder and pain from the last post are not gone yet. I do not have an infection anymore but the urgency and pain is still there, same with small traces of blood. Since my doctor is out a lot for this system change over I went to an Urgent Care doctor (I like to call them box docs). Anyway, I got a PA that was actually very thorough and made me happy that she listened to me without brushing me off like most doctors do these days. She referred me to a urologist and I see him for the first time on the 11th of April. At this point I think nothing will be found except signs of inflammation because that is how my body does – it might possibly be from one of my medications – I’m just glad it is going to get looked at just in case. Especially since bladder problems run in my family.

Funny thing is, I will be seeing that Urologist and then the next day I will get torture by my Gynecologist. 0_0 Talk about no rest for the nether region. orz If my results show up abnormal on my Gyno visit (a-freaking-gin!) I will have to go back to get another biopsy. That is getting old. At this point I just decided my whole inside is inflamed and hates me… Cause yeah, my guts shows it, my stomach, my esophagus, and now my bladder! Why would my uterus be any different? Okay, I’m just being silly but still, that is how it feels. It always turns out to be nothing but all over irritation, kinda of like my mood at all the money I get to waste on these tests. heh.

In other news… I’m back to being addicted to playing Visual Novels again. This time I’m trying to play thru Amnesia, and so far I got one normal ending… sigh. I never get the “good” endings so now I have resorted to cheating (walk throughs). LOL XD I bet I could get all the bad endings without trying. I’m good at getting the always alone endings with those otome games, haha. Give me a mystery one and I will figure it out real fast though. Goes to show you what kind of person I am.

Anyway, I’m having fun playing it even though I had seen the anime adaptation of the game. It’s been so long I don’t remember anything so it is all good. Once I’m sick of this game I’ve got lots of others like Hatoful Boyfriend (which is really weird btw, wtf is up with the birds?), and a couple of games I bought at an anime convention like Always Remember Me, and a couple of mystery murder games. Heh. There are a lot of ones I want to try and my STEAM account. Dang it, sucks being poor. (glares back at the doctor stuff)

One last thing I will mention before I go, I dressed up as Kida for the hell of it. If you are friends with me on instagram or facebook you would have already seen this. I wanted to see how I would look in the Kida wig. Haha. I always made a short and dorky video just for being dressed up. LOL I’m trying so hard to do more stuff again. Maybe I will get to do another shoot with my co-workers again soon and possibly one with my sister in Fort Worth. We shall see how everything goes.

You can check out the video on my YouTube channel.