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Category: 21-Day Tummy

Good News!

Got back from my doctor visit and I don’t have Hashimoto’s!!! Doctor was thinking that it was a possibility because my TSH readings kept jumping from high to low, a tall-tale sign. However, I may not have Hashimoto’s but it seems I do have Hypothyroidism. Even on the low dose of medication my TSH was reading a little high. So he is upping my dose. Ug, I hate getting use to a medication. More good news though, if it adjust my thyroid then perhaps a lot of my typical problems will get resolved. Yay!

I’m really relieved that I do not have Hashimoto’s though. I was going to be really mad if I ended up with another Auto Immune disease. The things I read about that one did not sound fun. Doctor thinks that it was going up an down now because of all the stress I was having with my stomach problems and that painful surgery. orz

Oh, and new layout again. This one I like a lot and will probably keep for a long time.