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Category: Anime

Almost Turkey Day Already?

It feels crazy how the months are going by. Since I’ve had a pretty stressful time due to injury, loss of a beloved pet, illness, and so on so forth – I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off. It is just going to be a stay-cation. I would go visit my sister and her husband but they are still not doing too well with the loss of Saya and plus the new rescue dog they got has heart worms. I don’t want to excite her right now, when dogs get treated for that they can’t elevate their heart rate because it can cause too many of the worms to die and block the blood flow to the heart. It is going to be a long few months of treating her but luckily treatments have a high success rate.


OMG I’m 33!!

Yup, another birthday came and went. I had a nice birthday despite getting older (hehe). I didn’t do anything big but I got some nice gifts and a few days later I spoiled myself to some delicious crab. I also decided to dye my hair back to a black color. This time I went with Black Raspberry. I do like Blue Black more but this color is a nice one so I’m not sad about it. I will be happy when the color washes from my scalp better though. Right now it looks like I have a bad sunburn on my scalp. I wonder if anyone will notice the color change. I hadn’t dyed it in so long that my natural color was out, but my natural color isn’t super light it is more of a dark brown with red. I don’t dislike my natural hair color but black looks better on my skin in my opinion. I have pale skin and greenish eyes… well a mix between brown and green. I guess my eyes can change the color depending on what I’m wearing so sometimes I wonder if they should just be called hazel. I think that is why people always thought I was wearing colored contacts.