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    In the hysterical realm

    May 3, 2018

    Do you ever start writing a blog post and then a few days later you decide to change almost the entire thing? I tend to do that a lot. It might be why I take so long to post something these days. I hate having boring and rambling blog posts so I write something so that I can come back later and be like WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It also helps with the proofing if I do this. I’m going…

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    Time for Thanks

    Halloween is over so we are to now give thanks for Thanksgiving. 🙂 First, I’m very thankful for the fact that my grandfather made it through his horrible ordeal with being sick and in…

    November 13, 2017
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    Liebster Award

    I was nominated for the Liebster Award thanks to Michelle from Dreaming Arcadia. Thanks Michelle! ♥♥♥ First, before we get into the nomination… My birthday was a nice time. I loved all my gifts.…

    September 1, 2017
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    My Birthday Month!

    Yes, I’m claiming a whole month! No, not really, but it sounded cool. XD As the title suggests, my birthday is in August. I’m not exactly thrilled about it because once you get past…

    August 3, 2017