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  • Fandom Manga Opinions

    The Feels!!!! Vampire Knight Extra

    Um yeah, don’t continue reading if you don’t want Vampire Knight spoilers. I promise my next post is something more substantial but I just had to comment on this. I think it is about…

    February 9, 2016
  • 21-Day Tummy Fandom Work

    Happy Valentines!

    Yes, I know it is tomorrow but I wanted to do it today just in case I forgot. It’s not exactly a holiday that is on my radar. lol Check out that huge box…

    February 13, 2014
  • Fandom Hobbies Photography


    So it seems Halloween for me this year is going to be a bust. First of all, there was only one Halloween store that opened up this year and when I went inside there…

    October 22, 2013