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    Updating my Holistic Treatment

    February 10, 2018

    From a previous post you learned that I do like the holistic way of treating problems, but I’m not 100% dedicated to it. There is a place for the western medication so I end up following both. When one doesn’t work I will try the other.  So, when it comes to the multiple of problems I’ve been having with my health, using both is going to be the only way I can make it through and hopefully put my body…

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    Job Turmoil

    Once again, I have been a bit MIA in the blogging community. As the title suggests, I have been having issues with my job lately. Usually, when a job pulls me around so much…

    January 28, 2018
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    Fibromyalgia for the New Year

    I’m bringing in the new year with a possible diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, what could possibly go wrong? Ha. So, I finally saw the Rheumatologist. He told me he didn’t think my joints where the…

    December 30, 2017