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Category: Hobbies

San Japan 5 Goodies

Didn’t get as many goodies at this convention as a usually do, but the goodies that I did get are awesome. How about that! I was a good girl and didn’t spend too much money for a change. LOL Anyway, as you can see from the first pictures I got a cute decorated contact case. That was actually a part of a grab bag that had a few other goodies in it. That artist stall had so many cute things I couldn’t just pick one so I just bought a 5 dollar grab bag and let it be up to luck. I wasn’t disappointed.

Oh, you might have noticed that I put up a new layout. I’m not really found of it but the last one was messing up my screen for my dashboard so… yeah. I know I should just stop being lazy and make my own theme. uuuugggg

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