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Category: Paraphernalia

Almost Turkey Day Already?

It feels crazy how the months are going by. Since I’ve had a pretty stressful time due to injury, loss of a beloved pet, illness, and so on so forth – I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off. It is just going to be a stay-cation. I would go visit my sister and her husband but they are still not doing too well with the loss of Saya and plus the new rescue dog they got has heart worms. I don’t want to excite her right now, when dogs get treated for that they can’t elevate their heart rate because it can cause too many of the worms to die and block the blood flow to the heart. It is going to be a long few months of treating her but luckily treatments have a high success rate.


Makeup Junkie

Okay, it’s been awhile again. I’m just not motivated to be on the web lately. It’s not as if there hasn’t been plenty to write and blog about. I’m sssoooo lazy! orz

First thing first, my makeup craze! I have been buying all kinds of makeup lately and it is really easy to spend over 100 bucks in one go. Here are all the things I like to use almost every day… of course I alternate things like colors and stuff but you get the idea.