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Goodbye Sweet Saya

I was trying to post at least twice a month but things got hectic and the last month or so has been pretty bad. If you follow me on instagram or facebook then you already know but a very special dog named Saya BooBoo Brown had died back on the 18th of September. A pit-bull puppy had torn through the fence and killed her. Even though it has been over a month it still hurts to know she no longer walks this earth. She will be forever missed. 

On top of that, my grandparents are not doing well. My grandmother is getting worse with her dementia and the pain she has in her legs is making her even more miserable. She is getting sun downers pretty bad now. My grandfather keeps getting bad cases of gout in his foot and can’t even walk. My mother has basically turned back into a full time nurse to try and take care of them but I know it is hard on her as well. 


Merry Christmas!

It’s been a long time since I made a new post. Everything I think I’m going to be more active somethings causes me to MIA. orz

Today is my last day on vacation. *sad face* I had a nice vacation but it would have been better if I hadn’t been sick the last three days of it. I have that kind of luck. Thankfully it was after my trip to San Antonio, Texas. Did some Christmas shopping there but mostly spent the time getting things for myself since I wasn’t able to have any real vacations this past year. I had a little extra spending cash thanks to the awful days of being on call. Ug.

I almost have all my Christmas shopping done though. Just got to add one small gift to someones pile and get something for my puppy (of course).

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