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Cosplay, Dog, and…

New post already! See, I told you I would try to post more often.

Pft… whatever Ashley, let’s see how long that last.


Anyway…………………….. (drags it out so you get the idea) This post is going to be a little random because I don’t have one good topic to mention.

Now for some sucky news – at least for me it is. I saw my Family Practice doctor yesterday and my blood work was not favorable. So now I have more medication to take. The only good thing was that I did not test positive for diabetes. However, I mentioned some food allergy concerns to him and he referred me to an allergist. He got me in to see the doctor the next day – which was today.

Somehow, going to the allergist about food allergies turned into something way more and I ended up being diagnosed with asthma. DX They had me do a breathing test and I didn’t do so well. Turns out all my coughing and chocking was from the asthma, I just never thought it could be possible because – even though I had chest pain and tightness – a never wheezed or had trouble breathing. The doctor told me that kind of coughing was another sign of it. Now that I have taken some of the medication and doing my inhaler I do feel better and I can’t believe I have just been putting up with it for so long.

Bummer. They also did more blood work on me so I got blood work done three times in a row! My arms are all bruised. ;.;

Oh! and before I go off to a cut – in case everyone stops reading after that part – I wanted to say I was surprised that anyone still comes to this site – much less takes the time to make a comment. I am grateful and if you have a blog I will be sure to return the favor as soon as possible. Also, if you would like to link exchange I would be more than happy too! I need more motivation to blog again.

Dog picture spam!!!! My adorable puppy. I love her to pieces and that is saying something because I’m not a dog person – I love cats more.


Pretty Saya


Pampered Saya

IMG_20120429_103227 IMG_20120429_103247

Adorable Saya


Baby Saya with her Tongue


Very Baby Saya… ddaawww


Car Seat Saya – yeah she hated it XD


Derp Saya photo – shits and giggles XD

Um yeah… that is the end of my completely pointless post. XD Isn’t she just the cutest? I’m not bias or anything… hehe.


4 thoughts on “Cosplay, Dog, and…”

  1. Woah, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry it “escalated” from allergies to asthma. :/ That’s weird though, I always thought that it counted only if you had wheezy feeling/trouble breathing. I didn’t know that coughing/choking would also amount to such diagnosis. It is a relief hearing that you don’t have diabetes, at least. 🙂 Please take care. Your health is important.

    Cute dog pictures BTW. 🙂 They make me feel all fuzzy on the inside. So cute! And I’m always happy to come back to comment. That’s what blog buddies are for! Also, we fellow Texans ought to be there for each other, right? 😀
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    1. Yeah, it is strange but it does make sense. At least it is a mild case, let’s hope it stays mild. XD

      That is for sure, yay for fellow Texans!

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