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Cosplay/Photography Equipment:
Cameras – Nikon D40, Nikon D7000, and Canon Rebel T5i
The Nikon D40 was my first DLSR camera, it was a great starter camera. I no longer use it and have moved on to my more advanced camera, the D7000. I ended up selling my D40 to help pay for the newer one. I’m pretty loyal to Nikon since I started off with it, but I do not have anything against Canon. That is obvious by the one Canon DLSR I have called the Rebel T5i. I bought that camera for my videos, Nikon just didn’t hold up to being a good video camera. My D7000 is great for cosplay photography.

Flashes – Nikon Speedlight SB-600, Vivitar DF-286, Altura Photo AP-FLS-UNV1
The Nikon Flash is my main flash. It is the one I use the most if I need just one flash. I do use a cheap little diffuser on it to soften its light. The other two where cheaper flashes that I bought to help with my colored lighting or for extra light if I do more of a studio set up.

Lenses – Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50MM
I really only have the one ‘extra’ camera lens. The rest of the lenses I have came with the camera. I do want to save up for different kinds, especially telephoto but that is a dream for now. I usually like to use this lens for recording in rooms.

Studio Set Up – I use a Generic Muslin Cloth set up with the colors Black, White and Green. They come from photoinc that no longer exist but you can probably find something similar on amazon. I didn’t spend a ton of money for my set up but it came with two umbrella lights.
Cowboy Studio Wireless Hot Shoes, great for my flash set up and my gel filters that are Rogue Lighting Filters, nothing fancy but it gets the job done.
I also have a simple reflector that is used more for outside shoots. These make a big difference when needing lighting outside.

Video Tools – Camera Arm, Camera Stands
I have a simple Camera arm that helps keep my camera steady when I’m filming something. The stands are very generic, one of them is super old too. They last for a good long time, no need to get fancy.