Future Plans

Here is a list of cosplays I really wanna try to do in the future. It doesn’t mean I will get them all done but I put them here to help me remember which ones they were. XD

Moriko Morioka – I chose this for several reasons. One being that the outfit will be easy and will be a fun one for a simple and casual photo shoot. The other reason is she is a character in my age group and I really like her character and personality in the show. She is a high class NEET. haha

Maria Momoe – She is a bad ass baseball player and coach. I really love the series Big Windup and her character really reached out to me. Probably another simple costume helps. What can I say? I got no times to complicated stuff! 

Yukari Hayasaka – Paradise Kiss is a classic story for me. I have no idea which outfit I would want to do but she is a must on my list of cosplays to do.

Melissa Mao – Full Metal Panic is one of my absolute favorite mecha series and Melissa Mao is a total bad ass. I know most people would cosplay Kaname but if I did her I would need a Sousuke which would be hard for me to find, plus I hate wearing school uniforms. 0_0