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Future Plans

Here is a list of cosplays I really wanna try to do in the future. It doesn’t mean I will get them all done but I put them here to help me remember which ones they were. XD

Moriko Morioka – I chose this for several reasons. One is that the outfit will be easy and will be a fun one for a simple and casual photo shoot. The other reason is she is a character in my age group and I really like her character and personality in the show. She is a high-class NEET. haha

Maria Momoe – She is a bad ass baseball player and coach. I really love the series Big Windup and her character really reached out to me. Probably another simple costume helps. What can I say? I got no times to complicated stuff! 

Yukari Hayasaka – Paradise Kiss is a classic story for me. I have no idea which outfit I would want to do but she is a must on my list of cosplays to do.

Melissa Mao – Full Metal Panic is one of my absolute favorite mecha series and Melissa Mao is a total bad ass. I know most people would cosplay Kaname but if I did her I would need a Sousuke which would be hard for me to find, plus I hate wearing school uniforms. 0_0

Rin Asogi – If you haven’t seen Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne, then check it out, but only if you are mature because this is no light-hearted anime. Rin is a bad ass that gets bloody a lot. I love her outfit, she is fully covered yet still sexy! She is a must on my list.

Alice (Nino Arisugawa) – This is the next cosplay I will be going. I actually have a lot of it complete. Though it will be one of my last younger cosplayer characters I plan to do. She is from Anonymous Noise and (if you know me) you know I love music and anime with music. Her outfit is awesome when she sings as Alice with the band In No Hurry to Shout. This one will be fun to do.

Setsuka Heel – Awesome character from Skip Beat, it is actually a fake character played by the main lead of the series, Kyoko. She does an awesome job and makes a fun character to play the siblings to her crazy ‘fake’ brother. The outfits and look just makes me want to cosplay her.

Masaomi Kida – Durarara, my favorite character to be precise. I already have the whole outfit (let’s face it Durarara cosplay is simple), just got to work on a time to do a photo shoot.

Nana Osaki – Nana holds a special place in my heart, despite it being a story that never got finished. While she isn’t my favorite Nana, she is the Nana that I feel like I can relate too the most. I love her style and that she sings so she is high on my list.

Yumeko Jabami – This girl is crazy! That looks like ssooo much fun to cosplay. I got to work on those crazy faces. I know, school uniform… but at least these characters don’t look that young.

Lucoa – This would be a simple cosplay that I might do sometime in between big projects. She is a fun character too.

Possibilities or Wishes…
Ritsuko – NGE
Kikyo – Inuyasha
Melfina – Outlaw Star
Utena – Utena
Ryoko – Tenchi Muyo
Hona Onna – Jigoku Shoujo