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Alexandra Garcia

Character: Alexandra Garcia

Series: Kuroko no Basket

Character Summary: She was Kagami’s and Himuro’s basketball teacher and a retired WNBA player. She spends her time teaching basketball to kids on the streets.

Character Quote: Someday never comes.

Year First Cosplayed: 2017

Comments on the Costume: This costume was very simple, and all the parts were bought. Items were from places like walmart, ebay, and the jacket… well I’m unsure where that came from since it was a gift from my sister. The wig was from a random seller on ebay, which I did spend some time styling it to look a little better. The glasses were actually reading glasses, so it was hard to see out of them. I will probably take out the lenses for the next time I wear them. This costume was not meant to wow anyone, I just really wanted to cosplay this character.

Photographer: Kittyneko-Kun


Photographer: Gabe Menchaca