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Character: C.C.

Series: Code Geass

Character Summary: C.C. is a mysterious character that seems to not be able to die. C.C. is a pseudo name and no one knows her real name. She hardly expresses emotions and seems apathetic to most everything.

Quote: False tears bring pain to others. A false smile brings pain to yourself.

Year First Cosplayed: 2011

Comments on the Costume: Honestly, I could not tell you much about the costume. It was bout on ebay somewhere from a long time ago. Way back when I had just started cosplay. I hardly ever wore it too. I think it came to one convention, but after many years I finally decided to do a photo shoot in it. Most of the time it was worn by other cosplayers. Anyway, I felt it was hard to pull off bright green hair but I think I did okay in the long run. The cheese-kun was actually made by me! That is why he looks so funny. (ha) I just use cheap material and drew an outline of the cheese-kun on it. Then sewed it together like you would a long pillow. The hat was the hardest part so I had to get some help with that from my mother. 

Photographer: Sally and Isaac