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Euphemia Li Britannia

Character: Euphemia Li Britannia

Series: Code Geass

Character Summary: Euphemia is the third princess of Britannian Imperial family.She is the half sister of Lelouch and the sister he cared must about aside from Nunally. Euphemia despised all combat and wanted to make a peaceful life for everyone.

Quote: “It’s not that I want an ideal country or great justice or anything complicated like that. I just want to see people smiling.”

Year First Cosplayed: 2014

Comments on the Costume: I actually had two versions of this costume. The first one turned out bad, with horrible fabric and no fullness to the skirt. I wore it once to a convention in San Antonio, but never again. I plan to rip that one up for a bloody photo shoot of Euphemia. The second dress is much better, the skirt is lovely. The flowers on the dress are horrible but once I get the chance I will just do my own flowers. This was a dress bought on ebay, same with the wig. I was in a hurry and didn’t want to make it myself for a group photoshoot a long time ago. 

Photographer: Kittyneko-Kun