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Rangiku Matsumoto

Character: Rangiku Matsumoto

Series: Bleach

Character Summary: Rangiku is a shinigami and lieutenant of the 10th division. She is a strong fighter and has a very kind and caring personality. She, however, enjoys drinking and will underestimate her actions while inebriated. 

Quote: “I hate talkative guys… They gross me out.”

Year First Cosplayed: 2012

Comments on the Costume: You would think after cosplaying Orihime in Bleach I would be tired of the series. However, Bleach always has a soft spot in my heart despite the fact that I stopped caring for the series after the arrancar arc. Rangiku was another favorite character of mine and she is so much fun. I had to get over the embarrassment of showing so much cleavage but because of that, she is probably one of the more popular cosplays I have done. Ha! The costume needed some tweaking, but it was bought from magiccosplay or something like that. I did make the necklace and stuff myself. I hope to one day have her sword for a photoshoot.

Photographer: Kittyneko-kun

Photographer: Sally and Isaac