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Sheryl Nome Black

Character: Sheryl Nome

Series: Macross Frontier

Character Summary: Sheryl is a popular singer known as the Galactic Fairy. She is one of the main protagonist of the series that rivals another female (Ranka) for the male leads affection. She is beautiful and confident, but despite all her success, she has a dark past. Also, even though she in competition with Ranka she never treats Ranka with any malice and is actually helpful in recognizing Ranka’s singing talents.

Quote: “You should stick to the path you believe in.”

Year First Cosplayed: 2010

Comments on the Costume: This was the first Sheryl Nome costume I got. The material is the strange plastic that gets really hot under the sun so it has been known to make me feel burned. The bra was not the right size so I got my own bra to dye and sew on lace. The wig has gone through many changes, with a complete makeover on some of them. It was really the start of me styling my own wigs. I spent a good 3 days getting it de-tangled and add its curls back. This is a very old costume but it is one that still manages to still fit after all this time so it stays in my collection.

Photographer: Kittyneko-Kun