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Sheryl Nome Purple

Character: Sheryl Nome

Series: Macross Frontier

Character Summary: Sheryl is a popular singer known as the Galactic Fairy. She is one of the main protagonist of the series that rivals another female (Ranka) for the male leads affection. She is beautiful and confident, but despite all her success, she has a dark past. Also, even though she in competition with Ranka she never treats Ranka with any malice and is actually helpful in recognizing Ranka’s singing talents.

Quote: “Remember Now. Cause you almost never find a woman as good as me!”

Year First Cosplayed: 2011

Comments on the Costume: So this outfit was actually bought on ebay to match my sister when she cosplayed Ranka. I wanted a more recognizable costume for her as well because the last one made people think I was just some goth loli, haha. This costume has been used and abused and altered and broke and fixed over and over. As well as the wig version. At some point, my boobs got so much bigger I had to turn the top into a corset type to fit me. I think this costume is pretty much retired at this point unless I start over from scratch. The last time I wore it was for a little dance video. The straps finally got tired and broke, haha! Still, Sheryl is one of my favorite characters to cosplay even though finding good places to do a photoshoot for her is a little hard in west Texas.

Photography: Kittyneko-kun

Photography: Cat Chu