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Character: Virgilia

Series: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Character Summary: She is the original Beatrice in the Umineko world. She takes on the name Virgilia after the new Beatrice takes the role. She actually thinks the power she had should be used for good and not for selfish reasons like current Beatrice.

Quote: “I hope that your heart is stopped by the hand of the person you desire.”

Year First Cosplayed: 2011

Comments on the Costume: It’s funny, I’m a bigger fan of the Higurashi series than the Umineko but something about the series stuck out to me. First of all, witches, then the outfits were just amazing. This was the first big cosplay I did as a group back when we had Kills With Cake. In fact, this series is the whole reason we named our group Kills With Cake. It is because of a specific scene in Umineko where they drop a huge cake on some characters and kill them. This dress is insane! It has a huge hoop skirt, super heavy, hot to wear,  and the arms don’t raise very high up because of the design. However, it fits me so well and I have had some of the most fun cosplaying this character during conventions. This is probably one of my favorite wigs to wear too. Also, this was all bought on ebay. I could never sew anything this amazing.

Photography: Kittyneko-kun