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Yuki Kuran Uniform

Character: Yuki Kuran

Series: Vampire Knight

Character Summary: Yuki is the main protagonist of Vampire Knight. She starts off as Yuki Cross (Kurosu) but later finds out she is a pureblood vampire and is part of the Kuran family. She has a hard time adjusting to her new Vampire self with the memories of being human.

Quote: “If it’s something I can only cry about in my heart, it’s almost like a sin.”

Year First Cosplayed: 2016

Comments on the Costume: Well, I never thought I would do her school uniform. I’ve never been into cosplaying school uniforms cause it makes me feel old, haha. However, I really love the series Vampire Knight despite its many flaws so I decided to go ahead and get the costume. The best part of this costume is the scythe. That thing is a pain in the ass to move! It can come apart but it doesn’t do so easily because of all the humidity and heat in my town. We put it in the car at weird angles and sit uncomfortably with it. I did not make any of this cause I was lazy. I’m pretty it was all ebay. Still, it is one of my favorite photo shoots. Now, if only I could find someone to be my Zero. 

Photographer: Kittyneko-kun