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Diet, Exercise, and House Hunting – Oh My!

Yup, brand new theme. I only changed it because the other one had some problems with it. Right now I haven’t changed anything but I do plan to put my own picture in the background. Don’t be surprised if I end up changing again either. I tend to do that until I find one I really like. Sadly, I don’t have the type or energy to work on making my own.

I can see my energy slowly seeping away from my body. (haha)

Let’s see, before I say anything else I want to mention my server has been changed so if you see anything buggy (if anyone even cares) hopefully it won’t last. So far it looks like everything was migrated well but I always get nervous anyway.

I missed out on going to the Gym for awhile because I kept getting sick. I’m not sure if that is because of the gym (uuuggg germs) or just bad timing. So many things where going around and since I have asthma I really have to be careful about going to the gym if I feel like I’m getting a cold.

I did get to go often this week though. I made myself pretty sore (not in a bad way) with the things I finally got to do. Working on certain parts of my arms and then working on my stomach. Since I got late in the day I can use the classroom to do my lunges – which is the best way to get my butt muscle to look better. However, it is the hardest and most painful way. I got to be careful and pay attention to my joints so I don’t hurt myself.

Slowly but surely!

My diet is not going too well. I haven’t been eating a lot of bad for me food but I have been eating too much. I think my job has been making me stressed out – especially when I’m put on call. I really need to cut what I eat in half and then completely cut out things I really don’t need – like milk tea and french bread.

At least I have stuck to not drinking any soda, including diet. I drink more water too. The bad thing is the last three weeks have been bloated – badly. I saw my Gyno doctor a week ago and she seemed really concern for how bloated I was. She wanted me to see my PCP or specialist. It is a good thing I see him this coming Monday because I would hate to have to call him again after that heart rate thing. I feel like a hypochondriac!

I just don’t look forward to talking to him about it because I know I will be sent to another specialist. My poor wallet can’t handle much more. orz

My mom is convinced I have celiac disease. I really don’t know what to think but I hope she is wrong. My addiction is gluten. 0_0

Oh yea, and to change the subject completely – I’m house hunting again. I’m not happy about this at all. I know the home I find will not be nearly as nice as what I’m in right now. The reason for this is because I live in a house with my sister – we both pay for the mortgage so we live in a nice house. However, she is getting married this summer. So out the door I go! lol

Actually, I made the decision to leave so they can have the house. I don’t want to have to worry about selling it and have even more headaches. My sister told me I can have all the furniture. So I get some benefit. They are also going to be paying me 5,000 for my part.

I wish I had more saved up though. That way if the house I want to get needs work I can afford it. I’m pretty poor right now though. I need to take my freelance web design back up for a little extra cash or something. orz

It’s going to be hell. I just want to be in a place for longer than a year now. I have moved 3 times in the past two years and I’m sick of it. UUGGG

Wish me luck on my diet and house hunting! Later!

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  1. Looks like you have a lot on your plate [pun intended]! For housing, how far are you willing to go? I know a friend who talked about a growing housing market in Austin. You should look into it if you’re interested.

    As for diet/exercise, I’m not sure if gluten itself is the cause of all this. Some things that you wish to consume less of, you must be willing to resist the temptation, no matter how difficult it is. But don’t deprive yourself either! Everyone’s diet/exercise journey is different, which can be good because you’ll hear many suggestions. After that, you adjust your plans so that they cater to YOUR needs. Good luck!
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    • ongaku ongaku

      Well a lot has happened since I made this post so most of those worries have been taken care off, mostly the house stuff. The rest I was worried about ended up being a huge deal and I ended up in hospital. I plan to make a new post about it though. Thanks for your comment!

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