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DIY, Bedroom, KD Addictions

I’m back with a new post already! Yay! I will start with my bedroom. I made a post a ways back with my new home decorations, but my room was lacking. Over time I finally decided on what changes to make. I’m getting really happy with it. Yes, it is very girly.

If you are curious on how it looked in the past – check out my older post. My room use to have a darkness to it. My bed had a headboard that I hated so I removed it. I also got a brighter and happier quilt for my bed. There are still some things I need to change – like my old dresser. It is so dark and I can’t decide if I should save up for a new one or just try to sand it down and repaint it white on my own. It’s a little scary but at this point I don’t know if I can do much more harm to the dresser because it got a lot of damage by the amount of times I moved. If I do that I will just buy a new bed side table because that thing was cheap to begin with. Every time I move it falls apart – haha.


I added the white cube thing and got rid of my ugly jewelry box in favor of the cute pink one you see. Ah, and the picture over my bed is too high. I will need to bring it down soon since I got rid of the headboard.

I got this lovely grey hassock for the end of my bed. It will do wonders to help store all my cute socks, scarfs, and other things that just don’t fit in my drawers. Oh, and I got this beautiful dream catcher. It was a temporary set up in the mall and someone was selling his hand made ones. I loved them all but I behaved and only got one. Haha I got the grey pillows to tie in the grey hassock. Yup, this is tieing together greatly. Just a few more tweeks.


Now for the next part of my post – DIY! I did something to start my Halloween decorations. I know it is a bit early but considering how busy I have been lately I needed to start this early to have them ready in time for Halloween. I plan to do more, but this is the first one and it was a lot of fun – not to mention very easy!


They were made with glasses, colored tissue paper, hot glue, chalkboard paint, and chalk. Inside it a little LED light. I got this tutorial from a youtube video – if you wanna make one yourself check it out.

Then last, but not least – my KD addiction. Korean Dramas!!! I have been watching so many and I have so many more to try out. I know, it seems lame but since I’m really having trouble with my health it is a nice escape for me. Most of the Asian Dramas I have seen come from the website If you like KD then you need to pay for this because it is VERY worth it. I will be posting a blog entry like I did for Crunchyroll for Dramafever very soon.

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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful! I need to do one of these posts, seriously. I just wish my husband would put away his clothes XD I too, love KD, my favorite is Dream High. Seriously. That was a great drama and one that is completely catchy. The characters were great and the singing was fantastic. The DIY Halloween decorations are great. My husband would love it. Thanks for linking to a tutorial on it! ^^ Gives me great ideas!
    Michelle recently posted..Timeless Thoughts: Lisa FrankMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you very much! Yes, it is fun to take pictures of your space and share with others. 🙂 It is also fun because when you make changes you can see all your progress or just how you have changed. lol

      I have yet to watch that one, but it is on my list for sure – probably higher now that you mention how much you like it. 🙂

      No problem they are fun to make.

  2. Cat Cat

    I like the lighter look of your room! It’s a big difference from before, and I think all the pink things are so cute 🙂 I especially like your pink curtains, the new pillows, and the dream catcher. Looking great so far!

    Thanks for introducing me to DramaFever! I have been looking for a place to watch Hong Kong shows, and that site seems to have a lot 😀
    Cat recently posted..AnimeFest 2015My Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you very much Cat! 🙂 I’m glad my room is starting to feel like mine again. I was sad when I lost my purple room and had to move to these places that don’t allow me to paint but I’m figuring it all out. 🙂
      No problem, hope you find lots of good things to watch.

  3. Your bedroom is beautiful! I also love the decorations that you put up too. I’m not a fan of pink, but it suits your room perfectly. Unless that’s white? The old set up isn’t too bad either. Though I can understand why you wanted something more girly. It looks like a brand new bedroom. Now, to answer your question “what should you do about your dresser?” Honestly, this depends on how much you’re attached to your dresser. If you’re attached too it and don’t think you can just get rid of it, then I say sand it down (when you have time), and paint it the color of your choice. If you can get rid of it without missing it too much, save up for another dresser. That’s what I did. Honestly, I saved up for a trip one time and my dad talked me out of it. He basically told me that I won’t have anything to show for the trip (I beg to differ). So, I hung my head in shame as I had let my dad talk me into NOT taking a trip. Instead, I got furniture. It was really nice furniture too. I got most of my furniture (including my desk) from . They have some really awesome prices on the things you want. Anyways, you did a great job transforming your old bedroom into a new one.
    Jamie recently posted..TimeMy Profile

    • ongaku ongaku

      Thank you! 🙂 Haha, no the walls are white. I rent so I can’t paint and if I could I would use a neutral color anyway because I love bringing out brightness to make a small space seem bigger. I’m not really attached to it, it’s pretty old and even has a ghetto set up on the leg since the mover broke it ): So I suppose if I ruin it I won’t be devastated. Money wise is pretty bad for me right now because of all my medical bills. Bleh! Having really nice furniture is great though. When I first got my set I was so happy. Thanks for the info ♥

  4. Your bedroom looks so sleek and clean! I’m a big fan of really bright colors to open rooms up, and this is really beautiful! Very girly – but it’s so cute! I really like your bedspread and the grey pillow. I love using pillows to tie things together – I’m currently looking for some to use in my living room to brighten it up. 🙂
    Becca recently posted..The Morning OfMy Profile

  5. Wow, your room really is coming along nicely. My favorite color is still pink, but I think ultimately seafoam wins, but anyway, I like that you’ve added pink accents in your room among the white. It really is light & brighter!

    As for your end table & dresser, I’d say you should most definitely sand them down & paint over them. Might I suggest Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint? I used her paint to paint over a white bookshelf, but I didn’t sand down anything. It actually just worked out perfectly. I painted it blue & it makes for the perfect blue accent in my room. You could paint your dresser & end table white or off white or grey or pink or something too. I think it’ll be a really nice DIY project for you & you’ll really save money & get your room in sync, color wise! You can always look for inspiration on Pinterest or something. There are tons. 😀

    Good luck with your future DIY projects. 😀
    Tiff recently posted..A Soapy GiveawayMy Profile

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