Down She Goes!

How do I explain what is going on with me? Hum…



If you have me on facebook or instagram you already know but I messed up my ankle on a day that my sister and her husband came to visit. It was a scary experience. I didn’t just step in some hole and sprain my ankle. There was nothing there! We were getting breakfast burritos and on the way out I felt like I stepped off a incline or a step but there was none. I came crashing down because my right ankle just turned in way that they are not suppose to turn. Apparently, on the way day, I fell on my left knee but didn’t feel that pain until way later. When I was down on the ground I felt really bad, pouring sweat, getting nauseated, loud ringing in my ear and then, as I was telling my sister, I think I’m gonna… I blacked out. My sister said my eyes were still open but I was not responded at all.

When I came too I didn’t remember where I was or what was going on. Seeing my sister talking to me frantically confused me at first until the pain came back. However, it wasn’t over. I started to get that feeling again. Her husband helped get me into the car where I kept trying to pass out but finally got to feeling better by the time we reached the Urgent Care. The Urgent Care was worthless they wanted me to go to the ER for my syncope but I was like – The budget says – No. lol Mwhaha I was non-compliant.

Anyway, I knew I had an appt with my PCP the next day and once I started to get over the passing out faze I could tell my ankle wasn’t broken. My knee was torn up bad and swelling so walking at all was almost impossible. Ow.

My doctor got an X-ray just in case, no news on that so I’m assuming it was okay. Shrugs. She told me only to use slight pressure on the ankle for the first week or two and see how it does. She put me in a brace and got me with crutches. I really hate crutches. DX The problem with this sprain is that it is a re-injury of a pulled ligament I had 15+ years ago so the doctor told me I’m going to have to wear the brace for a long time even when it gets better to protect it or I will end up hurting it again and have a chronic problem. Yikes!

Also, she was concerned about how I passed out and kept trying too. So I have to get another MRI of my brain. Bubye money! lol I use to black out a lot as a kid but it stopped once I got a bit older so I never thought about it. It is almost like that time I so called ‘seized’ in the hospital triggered it back.

The results came back as I thought they would, non-specific T2-Hyperintensity. This usually means white matter lesions, but because my MS test from the lumbar puncture was negative they call them non-specific… basically, they have no idea what the hell is wrong with me. hehe They use pretty words to be… “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “

I mean, don’t get me wrong – THANK GOD I don’t have the O-bands to confirm MS. X_X

Anyway, this means no working out for awhile and no cosplay. Boohoo. I hope it doesn’t take a very long time for my ankle to heal up. I really feel like I need to live in a bubble sometimes. Ha!

P.S. I feel like such a burden, the ankle I missed up is my right ankle which means no driving! I’m having to catch rides with people as if I don’t even own a car. It really sucks!