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Etude House

July 20, 2015

Honestly, I never use to be such a makeup junkie and now I just can’t stop buying it! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear tons of makeup, but I have fun changing up my look and trying new colors. Etude House is one of the makeup brands I have been having fun with. It is a popular Korean brand that actually has an English website – which is one reason it is the Korean brand I’m trying. You can get to it at

Anyway, I just wanted to give my little opinion on their products and my success with them. Over all, most has been positive so I will be buying from them again.

Now, before I get started I want to mention that Korean makeup is different than American. They love to go for the glowing and more subtle look. They are not about contouring or even a lot of eye makeup. I tend to prefer the way they do their makeup and – even though I don’t do it exactly how they do – I tend to do my makeup more like their style. Probably the only thing I don’t do is their love for the VERY bright lip colors. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks lovely, but I’m not really brave enough to wear it like that unless it is for some event. I love my neutral lips lipsticks.

Tear Eye Liner #01

This was actually the very first thing I bought from Etude House. I got it after seeing a tutorial for Brighter eyes – probably for cosplay or Lolita. I thought I would love it because I was already using white and lighter colors for my eye liner. A little of this goes a long way. I love it though! If I want a little bit of glitter I just add a smudge of it right below my bottom water line. Word of advise, if you have sensitive eyes be very careful not to get it in the eye! It hurts!

Rosy Tint Lips Rosy #1

Wanted to give some of their bright lip colors a try. I also thought it was about time I try tints instead of lipstick or gloss. A little bit of this goes a very long way for someone like me. Sometimes when I’m putting it on I like the way it looks but then when I go outside I feel a little silly. It is probably just me and having to get use to the brightness. Most of the colors I get from Etude house – when it comes to lips – seem to be much pinker or brighter than expected. It’s not a bad thing though.

Fresh Cherry Tint 1 RD301

Another color I wanted to try. Actually, they had given me samples of this one and I liked it. It is very bright too though. I would usually wear these things for a purpose, not for everyday wear. Maybe for cosplay or for a night out. It smells really nice, and it is slightly easier to use than the Rosy Tint Lips because it isn’t a squeeze bottle. I can control the amount a little more.

Kissful Lip Care Lip Concealer

I actually got this for cosplaying. I wanted to be able to conceal my lips more when I crossplay. However, it really does help to use this a bit around the edges of my lips before I use the gradient look that Koreans are so fond of. Especially when using those bright tints. I admit, the first time I used it I was starting to think I wasted my money but I found a good use for it. I wouldn’t recommend to get unless you really think you might like it.

Secret Beam Highlighter PINK&WHITE

I think this is my favorite buy out of everything, so far. I love the way this highlights my face, and it is just so subtle but gives me a nice, light, glow. You really can’t find something like this in American stores because we are more about bronzer not brightening. I like keeping my skin pale to go with my dark hair, but it gives me color and glow as well.

Lovely Cookie Blusher Cookie #10

First of all, so cute!!! I really love the color of this blush as well. I’m finally happy with a blush color that is more orange than pink. It’s a very thin line between the both but it goes on well and stays. I might try some of their other colors in the future.

Dear My Wish Lips #OR201

I like the color of this lipstick more than I did the lip stains I got. It’s still pretty bright but the color is closer to a orange tint than it is to a super red or pink. It’s not exactly orange either though. I’m not even sure how to explain it but I do like it. I even asked someone (who would be honest with me) if they thought it was too bright and they said no, it looked good. Yay! The only issue I have is how dry it is, so I have to use lots of chapstick before using it.

Drawing Show Brush EyelinerBR #BK401

I love this! My second favorite find on the site. I’m going to be buying my eyeliner from this place from now on. It goes on so smooth and it stays! I have been trying all different brands of liquid eye liner but this is by far the best. Plus, they are the only place that had it in brown. Wahoo! But really, love this. I was even able to control putting it on when I was using a tiny little mirror at work. I impressed my co-workers, haha.

[Special Kit] Open Your Eyes Make Up Box – Mascara: 6.5g /0.22 oz., Play 101 Pencil: 0.02 oz. / 0.5 g, Look At My Eyes: 0.07 oz. / 2 g, Look AT My Eyes Jewel: 0.07 oz. / 2 g

I got this because it had the colors of eye shadow I really liked. I have worn it and love the color on my skin. It goes on well too. I have yet to try the eye liner but it looks pretty basic so I doubt it will be bad. The mascara was really nice too. It has a strange brush that took me a bit to figure out but it really changed the looked of my eyelashes. They have other colors of eye shadow that I might want to try in the future. I think my worst addiction with makeup is eye makeup. I love using all sorts of colors. A little word of advice, I have heard some people complain that the eye shadow is not very pigmented. I haven’t had trouble but I wear REALLY good eye primer first so that may be why.

Juicycocktail Gradation Nails

My most disappointing purchase. I just wasn’t very happy with how fast this chipped. I think it lasted a day. Sure, it was pretty but I don’t like to spend so much time on my nails to have it crack that fast. I actually liked one of the American gradient brands much more. I will probably stay away from Korean Nail Colors from now on, just because I can find plenty of awesome colors in stores.

I Need You Mask – Aloe Mask

I always wanted to try one of these masks. I have used the mud stuff before and never liked it because I thought it was a pain to clean off. I bought two of the same kind because one of my co-workers was talking about wanting to try it too. Haha.

Collagen Eye Patch

This stuff feels really nice. I don’t really use it for dark circles, but if my skin under my eyes are feeling a bit dry I will use them. It’s a simple and nice thing to do from time to time. It feels refreshing and cools down my face. It’s not really a necessary item for me though, since I don’t have that much trouble with under eye skin. Still, that is the most sensitive and thin part of the skin on your face so it is good to hydrate it in my opinion.

My Castle Hand Cream Pink Wish

So cute!! The container is just adorable, how could I resist? The smell is nice too. I only use a tiny bit for my hands from time to time. However, I will probably put my own lotions in it once it is all used up just because the container is so cute. That is a plus. Also, it is kind of fun to have something I saw in a Korean Drama. Hehe (I’m a nerd)

Bebe Elbow Mask

I felt so silly doing this! It was kind of annoying and awkward to wear them, but it did help. I have a lot of elbow dryness and weeks after using it once (mind you I’m still putting on lotion every day) my elbows are still soft and smooth. If they get bad again I might buy it again.

Silk Scarf Moist (Hologram) Hair Mist

The bottle is tiny! However, you don’t have to spray much to get soft hair. It really does work. I use it on alternate days since I tend to use anti-frizz things on my hair more. However, if I feel like my hair is getting a little dry this stuff does wonders to really make it feel soft, just like how your hair feels when you get out of a salon.

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  • Reply Cat July 26, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Etude House! I’ve been wanting a lip concealer for cosplay too, and that’s good to know that you like their eye liners. I didn’t know there were things like elbow masks actually, haha. I have elbow dryness too, so that looks handy. I’m glad you liked so many things from there!
    Cat recently posted..Project 52, part 7My Profile

    • Reply ongaku September 10, 2015 at 8:08 pm

      You know, now that I’m actually doing that gradient lip that is popular in korea I have come to find that lip concealer to be very handy for more than just cosplay. It was not a waste.

  • Reply Michelle July 30, 2015 at 5:17 am

    Unfortunately, I’m not big into make up so I haven’t heard of this brand, but, I think I already like it. The products you listed have me interested, and while I don’t wear make up all of the time, there are special occasions that I do, so it’s not entirely never.

    I’m glad that you found so many things that you enjoyed over there! ^^
    Michelle recently posted..Mini Medley Of The HurtMy Profile

    • Reply ongaku September 10, 2015 at 8:09 pm

      Yup, it is an addiction for me to buy makeup. I don’t tend to wear a lot of it on an everyday basis though.

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