Exercise, Cosplay, and Car

So… with it being summer (pretty much) I finally put on a tank and realized, damn, I really need to work on my upper body. (cries) This is very daunting to me. Cardio, I can do. I have the leg muscle and I’m good at building stamina. It is just super boring! However, the women in my family are known for having weak upper bodies. Every time I have tried to get some strength and tone, no matter how slow I try to do it, I feel like I hurt myself. If anyone knows of any good tips for this let me know. I’m really don’t know anything about weights and stuff. 

My appointment with the neurologist was finally made, all the way in July. *drags feet* I’m ready to get that over and done with. My flares keep coming and going lately and it is exhausting.

The bad thing is, I had a symptom with my guts that I haven’t had in a long time. It actually sent me home from work! I was feeling like my guts were on fire the night before work but that happens from time to time so I thought it would fade. However, after eating breakfast at work I got bad pain and then sick to my stomach. It was a feeling like I needed to go urgently but I couldn’t. When I tried I just started to sweat, get dizzy and started to black out. Then, I finally threw up and was able to go. I use to have that happen a lot when I had a partial blockage. It was just the once and it could have just been that I was really constipated so I will try not to think about that. Still, I think the stress of an old symptom didn’t help my state of mind. It really shook me up at the time. I went home and slept for 5 hours then started to feel better. 

The funny thing about all this is my co-worker went and wiped down my desk with cleaners. LOL They have yet to learn that I’m just a chronically sick person. I didn’t have a stomach bug. 

When I was still on help desk my boss would just shrug his shoulders and be like, she does that all the time. -_- I’m happy to be under a new boss and around different people now.

Besides my health, my car’s health has been shitty. hehe The dang air conditioner will not run when I’m sitting at a stop light, or worse, behind a train. With the temperatures getting well over the 100s I can’t take it anymore so my car is at the shop. Being without a car really sucks having to rely on other people to drive you places. I hope she gets fixed easily.

For the good news, finally got a new photoshoot done in my Rangiku cosplay from Bleach! Woot! It felt like forever since I got all decked out though I have to admit I’m not happy with my weight. I really need to work on that. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot. I will be posting up the gallery in a few days.



I got eaten by mosquitos. Ow. lol Next time I’m putting on bug spray for sure!

I hope to do some more photo shoots of different cosplay soon, as well as bringing out some new ones. Time to get to work on the exercise, haha.

Last but not least, a little info on my top favorite webcomics and where you can read them if you like. I’m only going to start with two of them and leave the rest for future posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Secret Brother aka Unstoppable Siblings – You have seen me bring this one up a couple of times. It is probably one of the webcomics I look forward to the most out of all of them. The story sounds wrong but it is actually a family-friendly comedy. Of course, it has its drama, romance, and other dark subjects. Judging from the picture above though, you can tell what kind of humor it holds. One thing I love about the comic is the characters not giving a crap about which gender they are attracted to. The sexual orientations in the comic are diverse. It also touches on other kinds of love, not just the romantic or sexual kind. As an asexual that is so awesome to me. It has fluid friendships that are just as intense as any romance. If you are wondering why it is called my secret brother, that is because the female lead starts the comic off by lying and saying the boy she came to school with is her boyfriend and not her brother (of course they aren’t really siblings either though I’m having a hard time understanding if they are related at all such as cousins by blood or not by blood). – Lezhin

They Say I Was Born A King’s Daughter – This one is actually drawn from a story on tapas that I might eventually read as well to see how they compare. So the female lead in this story is murdered and comes back as a baby in an Alternate Universe as the daughter of a king. Sounds like a fairytale story, right? Well, that is where the fairytale ends. The new world she is in treats women as worthless and not even a human being. They will kill them without flinching and the king even hates her at first with threats of getting rid of his wife (as if it is her fault). The twist is that the female lead actually has all her memories of when she was living in Korea so she starts to show how smart she is and learns to manipulate the men around her to try and make her life easier. It will be interesting to see where this story goes if she is able to make some big changes with the sexism. – Tapas

Before I go, just wanted to mention the featured image at the top is a beautiful fanart by nanfe of the series My Secret Brother. Go visit her page!