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BlogRoll Link Exchange

These are people I visit and link exchange with on their blogs. If you would like to link exchange just let me know on my blog or shoot me an email. ♥

Amy – Mamyology
Brandi – True Root Studio
Cat – Paper Stars
Dee – Crumple Lucinda
Hiro – Twisted Paths
Megan – Entrail-Tales
Michelle – Dreaming Arcadia
Sue – Sue Feng

Cosplay Related Link Exchanges

If you have a cosplay website/blog or anything similar don’t be afraid to link exchange with me. Just let me know and I will add your link here. Thanks!


Other Sites Link Exchanges

If you would like to link exchange just shoot me an email. It doesn’t matter what kind of site you have (collective, anime site, graphics, etc.). ♥


Link Back To Me

Find Me

You can find me on social media and other places.

Facebook – My Semi-Personal Facebook page, it is locked but I will most likely friend you if I know you in some way.
 Cosplay Facebook – This is my cosplay only facebook page. I probably don’t post here as often as other cosplay sites.
WorldCosplay – This is my most active cosplay posting web page. I like this place because it is pretty safe from creeps and stuff.
DeviantArt – This might actually be a pretty dead place for me. Once I started to get too many creeps posting on my pictures, but it is still open.
Tumblr – I use to post on this to kill time but now I rarely visit. I only post dumb fan stuff here.
Instagram – I probably visit this social media platform the most. I love to follow cosplayers, people suffering with chronic conditions like me, anime figures, pets, and so on so forth. – All my fanfiction plus my sister’s. She will never post more but I might.
LinkedIn – Doesn’t everyone have one these days? I don’t really use it though.
Youtube – I sometimes make videos… usually cosplay related.
Twitter – I always forget I even have an account on this platform…
MiniTokyo – I have wallpapers I created on this but it has been forever since I have done anything new.

Contact Me

Form is down, please send email to – Thanks!