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Favorite Wheat and HFCS Free Products

Man, that title was kind of long. This is a list of all my favorite products that are Wheat/Gluten free and have No High Fructose Corn Syrup (and I might throw in some lactose free stuff too though I’m not completely eliminating lactose). I say Wheat/Gluten free because I’m not sure if all of them can be counted as complete gluten free since I’m actually someone who just avoids the wheat not all the gluten products. It’s easier to just pick gluten free products though – except sometimes I have to really look hard because some of those products will have some trace of wheat. I’m always happy when I find a gluten free product that labels it is wheat free. It doesn’t make any sense to me that something that is gluten free has some kind of wheat in it but that is why I read labels like crazy at the grocery store. orz As for Nigh High Fructose Corn Syrup, that seems to be a bad trigger for my bloating and other issues so I figured it needed to go. It happens to be on the list of FODMAPs to eliminate anyway.

Some of these foods might be… like duh that is gluten free, but I still want to mention as many things as possible to give anyone any ideas on brands and stuff.

Langers Chilled Teas and Juice – I’m not sure how many of there products are free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, but the ones I drink are and they are super tasty! I’m someone who no longer drinks soda, but because of my IBS symptoms, going to something healthier like juice is not much of an option either because of the HFCS. I pretty much get to drink water or some teas only to keep from having bloat and discomfort. I really have enjoyed the flavors Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Strawberry Lemonade, and Mango Black Tea so far. I look forward to trying their other flavors. It hasn’t hurt my stomach at all. Yay! (seriously guys, this is my new favorite drink)

Yoplait Lactose Free – This one is sometimes hard for me to find. Walmart use to have it but now it seems they stopped stocking it so I have to go to HEB. Anyway, this is not only lactose free (which is great for the lactose intolerant) but it is free of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Honestly, I’m not a big yogurt fan but this brand and kind is so tasty! It is like my perfect sweet tooth snack when I don’t want to eat something super sweet and unhealthy. Perfect addiction to my healthier lunches too.

Bob Evan’s Mashed Potatoes – Honestly, I ate this way before I went on my diet and was thrilled to know they did not add any wheat products in it. This is my absolute favorite microwave mashed potatoes. I have tried many brands and none of them compare. I’m picky when it comes to mashed potatoes because my grandfathers makes the best kind EVER and so anything that isn’t made from scratch usually makes me gag. These, however, do not and I love buying the individual sizes so I can have some potatoes with my home cooked meals without all the effort.

Udis Millet Chia Bread – You might have seen my one blog rant about how much I disdain gluten free breads because of the over load of substitutes they use that actually make my FODMAP sensitivity worse. Well, this is the first gluten/wheat free bread that does not make me choke or ill and it taste great! At first I was suspicious of a kind of bread that was in the frozen section. However, since I don’t use it to make sandwiches it doesn’t matter. I just pop a piece of the frozen bread in the toaster and then cover it with my favorite lactose free butter, which I will mention next. It is perfect for my breakfast and it gives me a good dose of fiber.

Smart Balance Butter – This is one choice that doesn’t really fall in the category that I made it for, but I felt it deserved a mention. This is a lactose free butter that is – of course – gluten free. I was never a big fan of butter. I’m not sure why, but I never liked the smother it on my toast or anything… until I got this butter. It is the perfect flavor for me and makes my gluten free bread taste like heaven. I also love to make all my vegetables with this butter. So Yummy.

Wow Baking – The saddest thing about going wheat and gluten free is finding already made cookies that are actually edible. Wow Baking does just this. Actually, I think I love these cookies more than regular ones. I’m a fan of the soft and chewy cookies and not the hard kind. They make all kinds of flavors for their gluten free cookies and each is so good! I almost wanted to cry when I tasted it and couldn’t believe it was wheat and gluten free. Goes perfect with my lactose free milk. I think I know which brand to go to if I ever want to make a gluten free cake.

Amy’s Rice Macaroni – There are some days that I don’t feel like slaving in the kitchen – or the meals I have made are gone and I’m not ready to make more – and Amy’s tend to be the perfect choice for gluten free frozen meals. Her Rice Macaroni is not only gluten free but it is lactose free as well! I love it, and I’m glad because I use to love to make mac and cheese (homemade kind). I will warn you, this was made in a factory that handles wheat stuff so it is a risky one. I haven’t noticed it hurting me yet but if you have full blown celiac disease I would be weary.

Amy’s Burritos – Amy’s burrito brand comes with some gluten free options, and one that is even gluten free and lactose free! Both of the ones I have tried are good. I have tried a number of frozen gluten free burritos and find this brand to be the only kind that I like. The rest I could hardly swallow. I buy these from time to time to keep myself from doing the lazy thing and eating something I shouldn’t. Quick, easy and good.

Bold Pizza – I’m not a fan of pizza, but every now and then I think I want it – this is the go to frozen brand for me. I have yet to find one that comes close enough to tasting like a regular pizza. I think the worst one was made out of cauliflower (EEEWWWW). I do want to try some of the fast food chains gluten free options but in my town, this is the only option I have for now. I do plan to try another brand soon but I just noticed it has pesto in it so I’m not really expecting to like it. LOL Good news for the lactose intolerant people, this pizza is also lactose free.

Breton Crackers – They have a line of gluten free crackers and they are the best gluten free crackers I have had yet. I have tried all of them and enjoyed all of them. Most gluten free crackers I have had have felt like chewing on tree bark and had little to no taste. These are not that way and they taste good for making little snacks with meat and cheese. I will add them to my lunches for a little extra fiber as well.

Hodgson Mill Cornbread – Their gluten free cornbread mix is really good. I really could not taste the difference in the flavor from original cornbread. I even used lactose free butter and milk and I loved it! I have made this kind a couple of times and haven’t even ventured off the try any other kind. I guess if you find something you like there is no need to try others.

I’m going to stop there for now. I’m sure there will be many more brand and foods that I will like that are gluten and HFCS free, especially once my LoveOfFood box comes in. Yay for eating healthier! Let me know if you have any favorite gluten/lactose/HFCS free items.

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  1. Kya Kya

    Thanks for sharing all of these. It’s great to know that there is some variety. 😀
    Kya recently posted..Twenty NineMy Profile

  2. My husband is lactose-intolerant, but he loves yogurt, so I’ll check out Yoplait’s lactose-free yogurt! I had us switch to lactose-free milk a few months ago, and it made such a big difference for him. I will also see if I can find that chia bread in my area. I like to read labels when I shop too. Being informed about what you put in your body is so important! Thank you for sharing. 😀
    Raisa recently posted..What I Wore: HeadwrapsMy Profile

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