Feeling Cured

It’s hard to believe that I’m on my 7th month after surgery already. As the title says, I’m feeling cured from it. It’s a wonderful feeling. These 7 months I haven’t gotten a sick spell or vomited even once. It almost feels like I’m in a dream. No more intense pain in my gut, no painful bloating, no tummy pain or nausea and best of all no waking up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain and not being able to get enough sleep.

Now, I’m not so foolish to think I won’t get sick anymore (haha if only). It is just the pain I had before the surgery was something different than regular illness and stomach bugs. It was an on-going nightmare that lasted for 27 years of my life.

I now know what a normal person is suppose to feel like. I love being able to crawl into bed at night and know I’m going to sleep through the night. I’m able to eat the foods I wasn’t able to eat before – though I’m going to be careful still, don’t want to go crazy and gain a lot of weight or something. haha

For those of you that didn’t see my post about the surgery – to make a long story short – there was a large part of my small intestine that was not working. It was scrunched up real tight like an according. It made for ‘almost’ a bowel obstruction. I’m guessing I lived with this birth defect for a long time because it slowly got worse and worse over time until it showed up on a CT scan and looked like intussusception.

It’s scary to think that all my life doctors have been giving me meds and telling me it won’t kill me and I’m fine. I just needed to manage the pain. To know that if it went on much longer it could have completely sealed up, caused a rupture in my gut, and made me septic – which can lead to death. 0_0

Thank God it was caught!

I’m going to stick with the doctor I have now for as long as possible. LOL It’s just such a huge relief to not be sick like that anymore. Pain Free! I just had to share my happiness. XD