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[Update] I’ve been told by two people now that they are getting 403 errors when trying to comment, and only sometimes. I turned off a plugin that may be the culprit but please let me know at if you still get it cause then I have another beef with my web host and may need to find another one.

I’m sure most people have heard of my title – FODMAP. I had heard about it over and over again, and even started to follow it – just not well enough. Well, I’m really trying it now. It is not easy! While there are many foods it does allow, I have a hard time remembering them all. I guess with time I will get better at it. The only thing that helps is all the books I have that follow the Low FODMAP diet. Some of them I have to change up a bit because there are certain foods it talks about being able to eat, that I know I have a strong reaction too.

One of them is a spice called Cumin. So many books talk about how it is a safe spice but I remember every time someone added cumin to my food I would get so sick (damn it I love Mexican food!). That is what makes this hard. I’m going to really push away foods (not all foods just the bad ones of course) for about a week and slowly bring them back in, just to find out which ones seems to hurt me the most. It won’t be a perfect test, because I know some things might not hurt me if I only eat it once, it needs to be built up in my system. However, it at least gets me eating healthier.

Oh, and more fiber. I already tried to eat things with good fiber but now I’m actually shopping for things that are good source of fiber. I found a really delicious bar called KIND bar. My favorite flavor so far is the blueberry, vanilla, nuts one. You should try them if you are looking for a good healthy snack bar.

I think my doctor is suspicious that I have thyroiditis. He plans to do a test on me on the 4th of June. Just a typical blood test. He is thinking I have this problem because my TSH levels keep jumping around, going from a 1 to almost a 5 and back down to a 1. Also, in the hospital it got up to an 8. 0_0 It wouldn’t really surprise me if I have this auto-immune disease since thyroid issues run in both sides of my family. The only good thing – if I have it – is that it might help a lot of my issues since it is manageable with medication. Doctor told me it might help alleviate some of my constipation problems if that is the case. That would be SO awesome. Sadly, it is also no guarantee that if they catch that problem it will help my gastro issues since I have had stomach problems since before I could remember.

Maybe, just maybe my surgery did fix me and the issue now is being cause by my thyroid. What are the chances? lol

Got my biopsy over with on Tuesday. Yeah, it sucked. The actual biopsy itself wasn’t that bad, but the pain for the rest of the day sucked! I could hardly sit! I just went to bed when I got home. The good news is the doctor doesn’t think I should worry at all. There may have been one spot of concern but it may be a spot that heals itself in a short amount of time. I will know the results sometime next week. I just laughed when she said I don’t need to really worry with my age since I’m healthy. I was like, uh, I know you don’t know this but I’m not exactly healthy. Luckily for me I’m not having problems with my white blood cell count right now. I should be able to heal and recover from a virus easily enough. I’m not worried though. I know that test was just a precaution. Yay, more money down the drain! lol

UG!!! I’m so sick of going from hot to cold today! The Texas weather is annoying me! I hate tornado season! We go from a day that gets up in the 90s to only getting up to the high 50s. RAWR My allergies cannot handle this. ACHOOO!!! lol

TGIF!!! I’m ready for this weekend! I hope I get all three days off and they don’t try to force me to be on call for Monday. I swear… I really want to find a new job. Hell, I really want to move out of this town. orz

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  1. Cat Cat

    I actually haven’t heard of FODMAP! I had to look up what it was. That’s too bad cumin makes you sick. I feel like it’s commonly used in several cuisines. I hope changing your diet helps though!

    Thyroid issues run in my family too 🙁 I’m currently on medication for hypothyroidism. That’s odd that your thyroid levels have been jumping around. It’d be nice if that was the problem and could be helped with medication!

    The weather lately has been crazy. So much rain! On the plus side, people predict a milder summer because of it, so that might be nice 🙂
    Cat recently posted..Changes in MayMy Profile

    • Cat Cat

      Oh! I forgot to mention in my comment. Sometimes when I try to comment on your blog, I get a 403 error 🙁 It prevented me from commenting on your past two entries. I had to try twice before my comment this time got posted. Just thought I’d give you a heads up on that!

  2. Thyroid problems run in my family too, that’s why I got checked too, but luckily it was my pills making me gain weight. Boo.

    So much rain around here. The weather is unpredictable! Maybe the summer will be better because of it, especially in Texas? I feel you, this Texas weather is annoying (I keeping forgetting you live in Texas, too =)) and it is actually flooding around here especially the Trinity River.
    Michelle recently posted..Cascading HeirloomsMy Profile

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