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Funny Story and More…

Beware, this post is random but hopefully I can entertain you with it. Ha!

After such a serious post before I needed to change for this one.

I want to share with you, a funny story. Although, it wasn’t so funny to me at the time. What made me think of this story… well…

So, I really hate cockroaches but my mother probably hates them even more than me.

One day, when I was around the age of 13 or 14 (or maybe I was younger I can’t really remember) I go to my closet to find my tennis shoes for the day. As I tried to put my foot into my shoe I feel something in it. Thinking it was just paper or something I put my hand in the shoe to pull it out and lo and behold I’m staring at a cockroach. I scream bloody murder, drop the fucker, and he dares to go back into my shoe! Damn it!

So, I ask my mother to help me get it out. This was mistake number two.

For some reason she decides it is a good idea to try and do it over the toilet. I guess she is just hoping it will fall in and she can flush it fast. However, since she is even more scared of roaches than I am she drops my shoe in the toilet as well… Only, she doesn’t tell me. She just gives me back a wet shoe.

I’m looking at it, wondering why it is wet, but what concerns me more is… WHY IS IT YELLOW??? God Damn it Mom! You just had to drop it in a toilet full of piss!! Couldn’t she have flushed it first! 

I honestly don’t remember what happened after that. If I wore those shoes after washing and drying them or if I had another pair. I can’t remember at the time if I even had another pair of shoes…. I probably blocked that memory out of my mind. -_-

So, there is my funny and traumatic story about a cockroach making a home out of my shoe. 

BTW, credit to for the images.

Now on to the present…

I finally got it! My certificate (?? not sure what to call it) for all my testing and projects at work. I got my proficiency with honors! Woot! What does that mean? It means I did all the same work as someone with a full certificate and the scores, but I didn’t go to Epic and attend the classes. I could be fully certified if my job decided to spend the money on me and send me. I’m going to try and get a few more of these bad boys though. Wish me luck!

I survived my EGD. It was rough, I was so tired that day and it did make my stomach pretty mad considering they took plenty of samples for testing. Luckily they did not see anything horrible, just a lot of inflammation and a ton of bile stuck in my stomach, so that explains why I feel sick often. It felt like acid reflux but it was actually bile reflux. Go figure. Bile reflux is not controlled with PPIs and stuff.

I decided to take out my camera again (finally) and take some pictures of my Sakura figure. I haven’t had the chance to do one yet. This is fun for me because I can experiment with my camera stuff and lighting. I used some gels on my flash to get these looks.

Also, I finally caved and splurged on buying myself a Instant Pot. I love it! I have been making so many super quick but delicious meals. I can’t believe I waited so long!

Anyway, this was a very random post. I plan to visit my sister in Fort Worth next week so hopefully I have some fun things to show and talk about in my next entry. ♥

On a last note. I started playing around with old cosplay photos so I’m going to be posting one at the end of my posts for awhile.

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  1. That cockroach story scared me! I would hate for that to happen to me :/ I would block that out of my memory too.

    That’s pretty with the Sakura figure.
    MIchelle recently posted..My Only LoveMy Profile

  2. Uck! I hate cockroaches. I had a similar story with a spider, I ended up throwing the whole shoe in a portapotty, needless to say, I never got it back, or wanted it back for that matter. Only problem was I had no way to replace it. The perils of camping lol. Congrats on the certificate and I am happy to hear they did not find anything horrible on your EGD. It sucks though that the bile reflux does not respond to PPI’s. Hopefully, there is another type of medication that can help? I know a bit about acid reflux and have it but know nothing about bile reflux, haven’t really heard of it. I love that cosplay picture at the bottom, the effect of having it open multiple times (at least that’s what I assume it is) is relly pretty.
    Kirsten recently posted..School & Other ThingsMy Profile

  3. Omg I could die for that cockroaches! I had one in my house for 2 days without finding it! nightmare..
    But I’m worried for your health, hope you will be at your best as soon as possible <3

    xx Dasynka

  4. As soon as I read toilet, I KNEW. Poor shoe. If it had been me I’d been so done with that shoe. XD

    Also congrats on your certificate! And that figure looks so cute.

  5. OMG I hate bugs. How are enjoying the Instant Pot? Congrats on your certificate!

  6. I. Hate. Cockroaches. Period.
    I refuse to deal with any that come up through the drain. Which of course happens at least once a summer. Just no.

    Also, that instapot. <3 I keep trying to get myself one, just always have to spend the money before I can. Soooo many things can be done with them, and right now I don't have a stove so anything I can use on a countertop then put away is my friend, lol.

  7. I’m glad I only had to really deal with my cat (Booger, she passed away nearly 15 years ago) liked to bring me dead mice and lay them in my bed, with me, while I was sleeping.

    Congrats on receiving your certificate . I received my certificate to do business until my bakery name – meaning I own a business that isn’t open yet and I have yet to finish the place I’ll be working out of.

    I bought my mom an instant pot for Christmas and she tells me every time she uses it. She even made ribs in it one day – and I think she wants to make a cake in it. Someone gave us one for Christmas few years ago…I made soup in it once and made rice in it 3 times.

    And if you haven’t seen it yet, The Lighthouse is on Prime right now!
    Christa recently posted..Keeping BusyMy Profile

  8. Congratulations on your certificate hun! Ugh i have bugs especially cockroaches >_< bleh

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